Women CEO’s lead the conversation at Marie Claire Brazil’s second Powertrip

March 25, 2018

“Every issue is a women’s issue”. It was Bob Bland’s – one of the founders of the Women’s March – speech’s opening line that summed up Marie Claire Brazil’s Power Trip Summit 2018. In the scenic and newly opened Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis – a resort town on the coast of Rio – more than 20 female CEO’s and executives got together to discuss female empowerment, diversity and leadership.

Whether it was debating how to increase female presence in STEM or what Brazilian corporations are doing for diversity in their teams, over two days, poignant questions and issues were raised. Part of the 0.4% of black female presidents leading a global corporation, Rachel Maia, Pandora’s CEO in Brazil, brought up the hardships and racism she faced throughout her career and a project to empower and inspire black girls.
In a presentation about women’s health, Dr. Saralyn Mark, a former advisor for NASA and the Department of Health and Human Services, showed the audience the impact of male designed products, politics and services, from car seats and air conditioners to maternity leave. Dr. Mark also revealed the potential profit and improvements governments and companies are missing out on when refusing to see the world through a gender perspective.

The Power Trip Summit wasn’t just about the panels. In a full immersion experience, participants also got to enjoy a pocket show on the beach, a sunset cocktail party, tai chi kung class and relaxing spa treatment in between talks.
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Key parteners : The Bodyshop, Gol, Pandora, Orfeu.