Valentino partners with Marie Claire China for first ever media collaboration

January 11, 2022

Valentino Beauty partnered with Marie Claire China for their first in-depth media collaboration since arriving in China. Marie Claire created stunning key visuals and an official brand video that seamlessly incorporated Valentino’s symbols into the visual creative. Featuring three top celebrities with different & inspirational qualities, Li Bingbing, Zhang Xiaofei and Wen Qi, showcased their unique and timeless personalities to deepen the impression of the Valentino beauty brand on all fronts.
This special Valentino and Marie Claire collaboration was extending once again, for the launch of #HauteCoutureReplicaGo-Clutch.  The Go-Clutch, which is both make-up and an accessory item was uniquely revealed by Zhang Jingyi, Cici Xiang and Mai Zi ensuring buzz and momentum on Weibo.