Special Announcement: Marie Claire to launch in Germany

March 14, 2024

Marie Claire Group and Marie Claire Verlag are proud to announce the launch of Marie Claire Germany, led by industry veterans Nicola Le Vourch as Editor-in-Chief and Tess Buchele as Managing Director. In June 2024, Marie Claire Germany will launch its digital platforms, followed by the unveiling of its premier print issue in September. With a premium coffee table format and upscale aesthetic, Marie Claire Germany will offer high-level reportage, captivating imagery, first-class fashion photography, beauty insights, and cultural updates, offering German women a distinct viewpoint and a unique voice. 

With 85% of its fashion and beauty content originating locally, Marie Claire Germany will champion and empower local talent with an expert team of creators including Creative Director Werner Mink, Birgit Schlotterbeck, Fashion Director, and Inka Moll curating watches and jewelry expertise. Beauty Editor Mabel Neumann takes the lead on beauty content, ensuring a comprehensive and compelling editorial offering.

“When I started working on this relaunch, I fell in love with the concept of Marie Claire. Delving into this brand's legacy, values and aesthetic has been like meeting an extraordinarily charismatic woman. She fascinated me with her exciting stories, casually elegant look, and knowledge of the latest art and culture. She is approachable, authentic, and feminine. She's a conversation starter, leading to exciting debates and exchanges with friends, colleagues and family”. Said Nicola Le Vourch, Editor-in-Chief. “I am delighted to bring Marie Claire to the German market”
With an initial print run of 50,000 copies and a cover price of 9 Euros, Marie Claire Germany will be the cornerstone of luxury fashion media. 

"Both print and digital media will be integral to our brand ethos, serving as a bastion of authenticity and luxury," explained Tess Buchele, Managing Director. "Marie Claire Germany will offer a tangible, immersive experience—an embodiment of enduring luxury and sophistication."

Jean de Boisdeffre, Executive Director, of Marie Claire International said "We are thrilled with this cooperation with two remarkable talents in Germany. We strongly believe that this agreement will create a new successful era for the brand Marie Claire, not only for the German market but for its global presence in Europe and the world. We already know that there is an excellent fit between our group and Nicola Le Vourch’s and Tess Buchele’s expertise”.