Meet Marie Claire USA’s 2018 Fresh Faces

April 13, 2018

Each year Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces in Hollywood celebrates the supernovas who are having more than a moment. The characters they play—wide-eyed college freshman, crusading journalist, fantasy world survivor, insecure millennial, tortured high schooler—are vastly different. But these outrageously talented women all deliver a much-needed refreshing jolt to Hollywood.
Hollywood is in desperate need of a reset, and Marie Claire USA’s five fresh faces are bringing it. In addition to starring in some of the buzziest movies and TV shows this season, each of them has a strong sense of self and know what they stand for—and what they won’t.
The fifth-annual Fresh Faces issue of Marie Claire are: Yara Shahidi (18), Sophie Turner (22), Issa Rae (33) Riley Keough (28) and Katherine Langford (21). The actresses, photographed by Erik Madigan Heck for the colorful series of cover portraits, opened up to the mag about the struggles they’ve faced throughout their careers, their ambitions for the future.

Find out more here or in MC USA’s May issue 2018.

Photographed by Erik Madigan Heck