marie claire us in partnership with madison avenue and the School for Visual Arts present Obsessorize

October 12, 2018

This month, Marie Claire US partnered with the Madison Avenue (40 stores participated) and the School of Visual Arts to present “Obsessorize” – a week-long celebration of art & style that brings to life the intersection of art and shopping via a 3D experience in stores and on the sidewalk on Madison Avenue.

“We believe in accessories,” said Nancy Berger, vice president and publisher of Marie Claire, New York. “We love this category so much.

Marie Claire’s accessories director Julia Gall agrees that the fashion industry needs talents with different perspectives. More traditional fashion educations may pigeonhole a designer, whereas creators from outside the industry come from a potentially less encumbered place.
Students had slightly more than three weeks for the project. They molded shoes, handbags and more, incorporating the items or taking inspiration from them. The resulting art for Obsessorize was featured in eight-foot-tall plexiglass cases lining Madison Avenue from 57th Street to 86th Street. Each of the displays depicts a particular decade, with pieces set against a background of wallpaper from the time period.

The festivities kick off with an opening night shopping event and the unveiling of the School for Visual Arts public art installation inspired by head-to-toe accessories. Marie Claire US concluded the “Obsessorize” events with a breakfast on Art & Style.