Marie Claire Unveils High-Tech Pop-Up

January 9, 2018

Marie Claire USA magazine has partnered with Mastercard to launch, from Sept 23d to Oct 12th, The Next Big Thing Concept Shop, a first-to-market, hands-on retail pop-up experience bringing to life the newest innovations in fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and wellness.

Open to the public, The Next Big Thing Concept Shop offers consumers the opportunity to experience a new way to shop. The retail destination brings the pages of Marie Claire to life with 3 main zones named after popular sections @Work, @Play and @Peak. Neiman Marcus stylists provide advice and tips on the latest selection of top designer fashion available at the store. Smart mirrors add another layer of customization by recommending additional accessories for outfits brought into dressing rooms. Clarins presents its Sensor Mirror Pro, a virtual skincare mirror, and offers key products packed with next-generation formulas.

For an in-depth look check out the long form story and video here.