Marie Claire Serbia to launch as a multi-media brand

March 20, 2023

GROUPE MARIE CLAIRE and COLOR Media have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Serbian edition of MARIE CLAIRE. The website and social media channels are live, and the monthly debut edition will hit the newsstands on March 25th.  

Marie Claire Serbia will be an important part of the Serbian women's media landscape through its investment in compelling storytelling and unique blend of inspirational fashion and beauty alongside rigorous journalism, that champions women’s empowerment. The magazine will be packaged in a visually attractive, elegant and minimalist design with the most modern approach to photography. The website will be the go-to media destination, whose goal is to educate, inspire and entertain readers. 

 Marie Claire Serbia will be a leading digital platform and print magazine for modern, sophisticated, intellectual women who are as passionate about world affairs as they are about fashion and beauty.   

 Aleksandar Radošević, Publishing Director of Color Media International said “Marie Claire Serbia will follow the same editorial concept as the original Marie Claire French edition, which supports women's activism and advocating for women's rights. This commitment is not only due to Marie Claire's significant legacy but also because we genuinely believe in these values and aim to contribute to the achievement of women's rights and freedoms. Apart from covering socially responsible topics, Marie Claire Serbia will also feature top-quality articles in various areas such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, along with many other segments. This approach is unique and distinguishes Marie Claire Serbia from other magazines in the market. The combination of female-oriented and original content produced by a team of experienced professionals makes Marie Claire Serbia an attractive partner for advertisers who want socially responsible partners that understand both readers and advertising clients. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best information, encourage activism, and recommend products and services that align with their values. We believe Marie Claire Serbia is the right place for advertisers and we view our clients as business partners with a common goal to achieve mutually beneficial success.”  

Jasmina Ubiparip, Marie Claire Serbia’s Editor-in-Chief of the print edition is looking forward to speaking directly to Serbian readers and said "I want to have the opportunity to concretely investigate topics that concern women in our modern society, in the entire spectrum, from safety and domestic violence, through taboos related to women's health, to ecology and sustainability. With trendsetting, unforgettable fashion and expert and trustworthy beauty advice alongside culture and lifestyle features, Marie Claire is known as a brand that knows how to create a perfect mix of substance and style". 

Jean de Boisdeffre, Executive Director of Marie Claire International said “We are extremely happy to launch Marie Claire in Serbia with Color Media, one of the most reputable Serbian publishers, recognized for expertise, skills and talent. With this new edition we will give Serbian women  access to inspiring and aspirational fashion, curated and sophisticated beauty as well as offering them an innovative point of view on global and local issues”. 

 Marie Claire is currently published in 27 countries worldwide and connects more than 100 million women. With a record-breaking 50 million unique web visitors, active engagement of over 38 million social media followers and 12 million print readers, Marie Claire continues to grow through reader response and by adapting to market demands.