Marie Claire Masterclass & Marie Claire Blog Awards 2018

July 3, 2018

Connecting Media, Brands and Influencers.

This year Marie Claire Blog Awards were launched with a mini invitation-only conference called Marie Claire Masterclass, where the 42 nominees, past years MC Blog Awards winners, journalists, fashion designers and content creators gathered to talk about the new language of fashion, beauty and lifestyle online, Marie Claire International as a brand and what it means to women, and the magazine Editors as the first influencers.

With the title of Connecting Media, Brands and Influencers, the first Marie Claire Masterclass asked questions and gave answers on what is today the new language of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and its means of expressing both print and online media and social platforms networking.

The conference also coincided with the launch of the Blog Awards, which this year had 7 categories, with creative support from H& M (Marie Claire Fashion Influencer), L’Oréal Paris (Marie Claire Beauty Influencer), Belvedere Vodka& A Simple Man), Accessorize (Rising Star), IKEA (Lifestyle Addict), Häagen Dazs – Old El Paso (Insta Foodie) and the Stardust Influencers.
Since 2014, the Marie Claire Blog Awards have been the most successful magazine event in Greece and the first one to embrace the vibrant culture of social media and the modern scene of fashion/beauty/ lifestyle content creation from internet influencers.
Alongside Marie Claire Greece’s emerging presence in the social media, the Blog Awards idea has changed the perception of the public for the magazine, transforming it into a fashion media brand of the modern era.

Sponsors overtake each category, the nominees’ influencers create content for their sponsors and the Marie Claire editors judge who did best in terms of communicating the brands. In the end, we have a winner from each category and all winners are announced live in a grand ceremony and party.

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