Marie Claire Joins With Salesforce To Improve The Working Lives Of Aussie Women

March 8, 2019

Marie Claire Australia has joined forces with cloud-computing software company Salesforce in an ongoing partnership focused on improving the working lives of Australian women. Marie Claire Australia, with the help of Salesforce, is taking a deep dive on the challenges and opportunities women face in their working lives.

The first phase of the partnership is a survey of more than 1,500 Australian women designed to gauge how attitudes to work have shifted in the past decade. Initial findings include some:

  • 54 per cent of women said they are more likely now than they were five years ago to speak out against harassment
  • 56 per cent of women say the one thing that would make them happier at work is a higher salary
  • 78 per cent are satisfied in their current jobs, while 83 per cent are confident about their chosen career path
  • Entrepreneurial efforts are on the rise with 28 per cent of women having either started their own business or interested in doing so.

The first round of results was unveiled this week at Salesforce World Tour Sydney with Nicky Briger, editor of Marie Claire Australia, leading a discussion around empowerment, unconscious bias, stay-at-home dads and hopes for working women in the future.

Briger was joined by Hannah Ross, chief customer officer at David Jones & Country Road Group, international comedienne and Instagram star Celeste Barber and Dig Howitt, CEO and president of Cochlear. Speaking at the event, Briger said: “The overarching conclusions from the survey is that women are happier and more confident at work than ever before with 78 per cent of women saying they’re content with their career choices”. The panel was vocal about the need to remove unconscious bias so that more women can get promoted and have greater visibility in the community, with Barber noting: “Women want to see themselves. “The one thing I have learned from the women who follow me is that women are looking for someone that’s like them, someone who can inspire them”. The panel also urged men and women to take action where they could to improve the workplace for everyone with Howitt saying: “Call out sexism when you see it. Sure, someone might be embarrassed, but it will be for the greater good”.

Speaking on the subject of the pay disparity, Ross said: “We have not even scratched the surface of the gender pay gap and I think it needs urgent addressing”.

When asked about the best piece of advice given or received, Ross said: “Don’t be too hard on yourself. “If you didn’t finish the work you were supposed to do today, then do it tomorrow. “If you miss seeing your kids today, see them tomorrow. “We have to stop putting this pressure on ourselves”.

Barber said: “Just get on with. We talk so much about what needs to happen. I’m really looking forward to the time when gender isn’t an issue, when there is an all-female comedy bill and it’s not just to raise money for breast cancer. It’s just the norm”

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Photo : Marie Claire Editor Nicky Briger with Celeste Barber, Dig Howitt and Hannah Ross