January 4, 2021

The main purpose of Marie Claire Italy’s impactful campaign #time2share is to connect people in this time of uncertainty, solitude and distancing, by helping them to share their knowledge, skills and passions. Since November 24th, Marie Claire Italy has launched this campaign on all Marie Claire Italian platforms (print & digital) with professionals and celebrities who generously and enthusiastically agreed to participate. The initiative and social challenge, helped to bridge, share, generate ideas, inspire work opportunities, promote wellness or just be entertaining. The difference versus usual social media challenges is that participants have to actually do something: organize coaching sessions on zoom, or create videos to share knowledge (+ recipes and enjoyable experiences). Anyone can participate by posting a video, a photo or a story tagging #time2share and @marieclaireitalia, and nominate friends who in turn create new “bridges”. Marie Claire Italy reposts the best stories to provide visibility. The engaging social media campaign stories, portraits and videos were amplified on and featured in the magazine.