April 29, 2019

Many traditional civilizations in the world are on the verge of being lost. Traditional folk crafts (such as embroidery and fabric making) are an important part of Chinese tradition and civilization. In order to preserve this wonderful heritage, Marie Claire China has partnered with China Greening Foundation to mobilize celebrities and corporations to pay attention to the heritage of bamboo weaving handicraft and to encourage communities to make the best use of natural and green materials for daily products and decorative bags.

In January Marie Claire and China Greening Foundation launched “Green Carpet Action” which protects ecological resources and helps reduce poverty, by supporting local farmers to grow bamboo in Sichuan.

Marie Claire invited six of Chinese most renowned stars Song Qian, Wen Qi, Mao Bu Yi, Song Zu er, Tan Zhuo and Lai Guan lin to be part of ‘Green Carpet Action’, their voices are helping to funds for handicrafts project as well as persuade young people to understand, accept and love Chinese traditional culture, so that the traditional handicraft can continue to prosper.

Marie Claire green carpet action has already gained a social media reach of 56 million.

As part of Green Carpet Action, 10 different types of designers (Installation artist – Meng Zhao Ran, Architect – Xiao Li Jia, Designer – Cui Shu, Designer -Zhou Yuan, Designer – Hu Yang kai, jewelry / installation Designer – ZOE, Clothing / Bag Designer – SUSAN, Jewelry Designer – Zhou Xing, Clothing designer – XUZHI, Clothing designer – Chen Yu Han) all visited Sichuan with Marie Claire to learn about the bamboo weaving culture and handicrafts and create a contemporary design of their own.

These special creation will be showcased in Xintiandi square, Shanghai from May 16, 2019. The artworks will shine a light on both traditional handicrafts and modern design in a unique exhibition. Simultaneously two dedicated spaces will showcase the designers and bamboo weaving masters will perform and teach bamboo weaving courses.

We all have social responsibility and sustainability is a key part of Marie Claire China’s future focus. Marie Claire Green Carpet Actions aims to develop further, with deeper cooperation with brands, establishment of funds to support school bamboo weaving art courses and cultivation young people’s awareness of traditional Chinese culture.

China’s first ever “Green Carpet” charity dinner awarded prizes to the brands and businesses who are actively supporting public welfare projects.