Marie Claire Arabia Fragrance Awards embrace sustainable oriental fragrances

December 1, 2023

At a time when sustainability is a key issue in all industries, the world of fragrance is no exception. The annual Marie Claire Arabia Perfume Awards, renowned for honoring excellence in perfume, has taken a decisive step in its latest edition to honor sustainable oriental fragrances and humanity.

This groundbreaking initiative by Marie Claire Arabia represents a paradigm shift in the oriental perfume industry as it recognizes the importance of sustainability & humanity. It is in line with the global movement and COP 28 which is hosted for the first time in the UAE.

The award categories have been carefully selected to highlight different aspects of sustainable perfumery. From the sourcing of natural ingredients in an ethical manner to the use of innovative, eco-friendly packaging, each category aimed to recognize excellence in adherence to sustainable principles.

The winner of the Marie Claire Arabia Perfume Awards in the sustainability category is Arcadia “Devotion” has set a benchmark for the perfume industry.

The event has not only emphasized sustainability but also recognized exceptional fragrances and have sparked an important discussion within the oriental perfume industry.