Associated Media Publishing’s QR code campaign went live in September with all October editions wrapped in bold QR codes. The campaign announced the launch of an entirely new consumer journey: a shopping platform that delivers easy, instant purchasing of products on all AMP platforms.

‘We have always put our readers front and center of everything we do,’ says AMP Managing Director Julia Raphaely. ‘We see this as a natural progression: we are closing the gap between content and commerce across all our channels, leveraging AMP’s editorial influence, brand authority and audience insight to serve our content consumers better.’From now on, selected merchandise featured in Marie Claire can be purchased simply by using a phone to scan the associated Quick Response (QR) code, which instantly links the user directly to AMP’s Ready to Shop portal.
‘We have created a solution that delivers an instantly shop-able, highly curated expert edit of merchandise, utilizing existing functionality that our readers already engage with, through the Facebook QR code scanner. This makes our brands even more relevant and gratifying for our content consumers,’explains Elrike Lochner, Group Head: Digital & Marketing.
The stark modernity of the campaign design by North VCA evokes an immediate association with the magazine brands and shopping. ‘Our goal in combining all our titles inside the QR code bag was to launch the campaign on the newsstand in a disruptive manner and therefore change the conversation around magazine media. We are confident we have done just that,’ Raphaely concludes.

The compelling QR code on the bags links to a video clip that amplifies the new experience AMP is bringing to all magazine readers.
To see the clip, click here: