Marie Claire’s very DNA lies in celebrating women. Focused, fearless and brilliant the ten Amazons of substance and style Marie Claire Malaysia selected this year to embody the qualities we admire and champion.

Marie Claire Malaysia’s Amazing Women is an annual campaign that highlights local changemakers and women leaders in their respective industries who have broken the glass ceiling and aimed for excellence in their respective fields.
These amazing Malaysian women are not only known for their contribution to art or fashion, but also for enriching the lives of others. Here are influential Malaysian women who are making waves overseas!
Their secret weapon? Inner strength, and a conviction to see things through until the very end.

Past recipients have included a pilot, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, artists, scientists, digital influencers and social workers. This year, in keeping with our Marie Claire Malaysia’s millennial audience, they featured a group of women in their 20s to mid-30s who have chased achievements and tackled difficulties with fearlessness and won prestigious awards in the process.

The event was sponsored by De Beers Jewelry and Bally.

Meet the 10 Influential Malaysian Women who are changing the world here: