In 1988, Marie Claire UK transformed the British glossy market by being the first magazine to combine thought-provoking journalism and a feminist agenda, alongside fashion and beauty. It was the first magazine to report on FGM, and fighting for women’s rights – both in the UK and across the world – is the principle that’s been at the heart of what Marie Claire has been doing ever since, but there is still so much to do…
There is a huge momentum and drive for change right now, and Marie Claire UK kicked off the campaign with a debate with 3 incredible women, chaired by Trish Halpin, Editor in Chief, to discuss how to turn this momentum into meaningful action
Marie Claire will l also be rolling out a programme of events, features, social activity and videos over the coming months, and on International Women’s Day on 8th March, they will be launching their #notmyjob campaign. We’re saying that it’s not any woman’s job to have to do the same work as a man and be paid less for it; that it’s not any woman’s job to have to flirt – or worse – with a client or boss to get on in her career. And it’s not any woman’s job to have to climb back up the career ladder because she’s chosen to take time out to have a baby.
Marie Claire will be calling on the 6 million women they reach across their combined Marie Claire print and digital platforms to share both the small, every day aggressions they endure in the workplace – such as being talked over in a meeting, or excluded from decision making – as well the downright illegal discrimination or harassment they encounter. Marie Claire UK will be providing a hub on their website with legal resources and advice to those who find themselves in these situations, and will also be joining forces with the Fawcett society, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights, to call for misogyny to be made a hate crime.
A great video summary here: