Marie Claire Brazil celebrated the month of women and began the celebration of her 30 years in Brazil with four covers. In each of them Marie Claire Brazil features women who are considered icons in the country: Xuxa (television hostess since 80’s), Gloria Maria (first black journalist to stand out on Brazilian TV), Luiza Brunet (our first international top model) and Zezé Motta (black actress and  activist, one of the most important and talented actress of her generation). All of them are women over 50 , which opens up a discussion on the topic of ageism and the changes for women’s rights in the last 30 years.

In addition, each icon was interviewed on an episode of the podcast Escuta MariaClara, sponsored by LinkedIn this month. Marie Claire Brazil launched Escuta, Maria Clara last February and the idea is to talk about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, women’s rights, feminism, sex etc. with a famous woman (singer, actress, influencer etc.), an specialists, a journalist from Marie Claire, and Laura Ancona, who is the hostess of the podcast.