Marie Claire Russia

Marie Claire Russia reached Russian market in 1997 and today celebrates 20 years of success. 
Marie Claire Russia creates high-quality, unique, diverse and interactive content which is promptly applied to all media platforms and ensured by the most effective and native advertising messages. The brand attracts the most demanded and well-known celebrities and influencers for the largest audience reach. Marie Claire Russia is highly recognized with MC@work project which appeals to business, career-oriented, independent and ambitions women. Moreover, Marie Claire Russia is distinguished by a strong expertise in beauty, health and work –life balance. The brand also plugs into the modern women’s passion points, igniting conversations in every circle.

Total audience* : 1 440 471

* Total social media, readership print, U.U





Digital Editor

Zhanna Pershina


Hearst Shkulev Media, 31B Ul. Shabolovka, 6th Floor, 155162, MOSCOW