Marie Claire China

Looking at the world from a female perspective, Marie Claire China offers a unique mix of features, fashion, beauty and celebrity content, providing upscale Chinese women a cross-section of stories and inspirational ideas. The Marie Claire China reader is intelligent, and appreciates taking challenges. She is fascinated by what the world has to offer and how she presents herself to that world.
With this in mind, Marie Claire China presents innovative and inspirational content that combines fashion style with common sense. As a distinctive media brand, Marie Claire provides readers with a one-of-a-kind quality-journalism. Marie Claire China is a multi-dimensional media brand combining print, digital platforms, social, KOL’s and live events.

Total audience* : 13 M

* Total social media, readership print, U.U


& CEO : Alex SUN

Digital Editor

Fionn FENG


1 Balizhuang Dongli Legend town CN12 -F4 Chaoyang District Beijing 100025,PR China.